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Plants Fight for Their Lives

As arable land disappears, a genetic tweak might secure the world’s food supply.

The Wild World of Threats

Animals, including us, evolved to bluster and bluff at their peril.

The Attack of Zombie Science

They look like scientific papers. But they’re distorting and killing science.

E.O. Wilson Saw the World in a Wholly New Way

“Did you like the grenade I tossed in their midst?” the biologist asked me.

A Lab of Her Own

In her bedroom during WWII, she discovered how the nervous system is wired.

Twilight of the Nautilus

What the scientist who has studied the iconic sea creature for 45 years now sees.

How “My Octopus Teacher” Defied Convention

Craig Foster reflects on a relationship that changed his connection to the natural world.

The Man Who Seduced the World with Whale Songs

Roger Payne sparked the anti-whaling movement. He’s not done yet.

Plants Feel Pain and Might Even See

It’s time to retire the hierarchical classification of living things.

The Incredible Fig

The fig is an ecological marvel. Although you may never want to eat one again.