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Steven Pinker Has His Reasons

The psychologist unpacks rationality and denies being a guru to the capitalist elite.

Ian and the Limits of Rationality

A student at the edge of reason.

Are We Cut Out for Universal Morality?

If objective ethical values exist, we’ll have to give up tribalism to realize them.

Our Most Effective Weapon Is Imagination

Why science changes everything.

Over Time, Buddhism and Science Agree

Understanding the impermanence of everything—including ourselves.

The Joys of Being a Stoic

Science and ancient Greeks agree—Stoicism increases well-being.

The Universe Knows Right from Wrong

A proponent of panpsychism argues moral truth is inherent in consciousness.

What’s Missing in Pandemic Models

Philosophy is needed to put the science of COVID-19 in perspective.

Consciousness Isn’t Self-Centered

Think of consciousness like spacetime—a fundamental field that’s everywhere.

Philosophy Is a Public Service

I design thought experiments to provoke dialogue about who and what we want to become.