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What Is Life?

An astrobiologist finds the heart of his work in a new novel by Richard Powers.

Literature Should Be Taught Like Science

This renegade professor says literature is a machine that accelerates the human brain.

Why Computers Will Never Write Good Novels

The power of narrative flows only from the human brain.

Who Said Nobody Read Isaac Newton?

It’s a myth that legendary works in science aren’t read.

Only Disconnect! A Pandemic Reading of E.M. Forster

The astonishing relevance of the British writer’s story, “The Machine Stops.”

Al Gore Does His Best Ralph Waldo Emerson

The former vice president reads the transcendentalist poet—and reminds us of one.

Meet Harvard’s Own Poet-Physician

Rafael Campo on finding the humanity in medicine and science.

Why Doesn’t Ancient Fiction Talk About Feelings?

Literature’s evolution has reflected and spurred the growing complexity of society.

The Stars Are a Comforting Constant

A poet blends the personal with the cosmic.

Ingenious: Richard Dawkins

The evolutionary biologist reads Robert Frost.