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This NFT Painting Is a Work of Art

Machines are the new descendants of Picasso.

The Natural Harmony of Faces

How the golden ratio might contribute to cinema’s hold on us.

I Am Not a Machine. Yes You Are.

Debating the impact of machine-created art.

Gustav Klimt in the Brain Lab

What is neuroscience doing to art?

The Rhythm of Sculpture

How science has informed one sculptor’s view of time.

The Spacetime of Fine Art

For the painter Matthew Phillips, past, present, and future meet at the tip of a brush.

Making Time Machines From Taxi Meters

A sculptor explains how his art upends time.

The Smaller the Theater, the Faster the Music

Composer Philip Glass talks time with painter Fredericka Foster.

Why Do So Many Scientists Want to be Filmmakers?

The problem with C.P. Snow’s famous two-cultures hypothesis.

The World’s Most Inspirational Iceberg Isn’t What It Seems

The professional photographer who created a popular poster image takes it apart.