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Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Environmentalism

To stop destroying nature, developers are mimicking it.

The Bias in the Machine

Why facial recognition has led to false arrests.

The Road Less Traveled to Fusion Energy

This privateer is developing a way to power the world with water and borax.

Einstein’s Lost Hypothesis

Is a third-act twist to nuclear energy at hand?

Don’t Fear the Robot

I invented Roomba and assure you, robots won’t take over the world.

Why I Built a Dumb Cell Phone with a Rotary Dial

You too can build a phone that feels good to use. Some soldering required.

The Forest Spirits of Today Are Computers

We’ve made an artificially panpsychic world, where technology and nature are one.

The Implant That Can Control Your Brain

This nanoscale device meshes seamlessly with your neurons.

WeChat Is Watching

Living in China with the app that knows everything about me.

Can We Revive Empathy in Our Selfish World?

An experiment shows how to rebuild human compassion.