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The Universe Knows Right from Wrong

A proponent of panpsychism argues moral truth is inherent in consciousness.

What’s Missing in Pandemic Models

Philosophy is needed to put the science of COVID-19 in perspective.

Consciousness Isn’t Self-Centered

Think of consciousness like spacetime—a fundamental field that’s everywhere.

Philosophy Is a Public Service

I design thought experiments to provoke dialogue about who and what we want to become.

The Rainforest Is Teeming with Consciousness

Our fate turns on retiring our dualist view of nature.

Yes, Determinists, There Is Free Will

You make choices even if your atoms don’t.

We Are All Bewildered Machines

Bewilderment is the antidote to scientific reductionism.

A New View of Time

Introducing the Nautilus Time Project.

How Posture Makes Us Human

The philosophy and science of standing up straight.

Ideology Is the Original Augmented Reality

How we fill gaps in our everyday experiences.